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Hello Maya artists, this is going to be place where i will post my learning experience with Python in Maya. There will be small scripts and hopefully one day, great ones. I will also post my experience and problems i may encounter. It will be a great reading for newcomers in Maya Python, but experienced TA’s and TD’s will certainly have a laugh reading it.(go on, i encorage you to comment my post with TD jokes. More than welcome!! :)).


I started learning Python one day, after a chat session with my Tutor Lee Danskin at escape studios, advised me to learn Python. I was at the time starting to learn MEL (Maya Embed Language) and i so excited with it. Lee Danskin said that MEL is great but Python or Pymel is the way to go. That and some Linux skills.


Maya Python for Games and Film: A Complete Reference for Maya Python and the Maya Python API
This is the book that i’m reading as i go. check it here.

Online Learning

Also watching Justin Israel video about Python for Maya in CMIVFX


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