Inspiration for starting to code

I’m not a geek.
Never was. Probably never will. In fact, the first computer i owned was a Pentium III back in 2001. (Younger folks probably will think what is a Pentium III ?). Unlike my closest friends, i never had a ZXSpectrum, Amiga, Nintendo, Timex, Sega, Commodore or even a videoPack.

When the University of Kassel in Germany gave me an email account back in 1998, i was thinking: “what that hell do i do with this?”. Since then, internet changed my whole spectrum and gave me the opportunity to learn whatever i wanted to.

I always considered myself as an artist. Therefore, the coding in programs was always a 12 leg huge bug, that i would never have to face it. The maths, equations, functions and stuff were just too hard to understand, i thought.

What made me consider to start coding

One day at an OFFF conference, i saw the presentation of this very funny visual artist called Joshua Davis. If you never saw him giving a speech, i advise you to.

Joshua at that time presented us with a series of illustrations he made procedurally. By Procedurally, i mean computer generated through a series of equations and math. Joshua isn’t really a computer scientist with thick googles, he is a skater, tattooed, rock n roll style guy.

He showed a series of hugely complex illustrations, all vector based, and asked the audience: “Go draw that by hand! i dare you!”

But the most important phrase that i heard from him was:

“Hey, if i can do math, so can you!”

I say the same thing to you.



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