Converting Maya playblasts to mp4/mpg/avi/wmv on Linux


Exporting playblasts to mp4 (edit: now supports mpg, wmv and avi too) in Linux was taking me a lot of time since i always went to command line tool avconv to convert it. So i thought of exploring my skills in Python and Pyqt4 to make a GUI for it. Thanks to Justin Israel for the help in building this.


You will require the following to make it work:


2.Phonon pytq4 libs (get that with synaptic package manager)

3.avconv command line tool (type yum install avconv (fedora/red hat) or apt-get install avconv (debian/ubuntu) in terminal)  (pip install -U scikit-image or easy_install -U scikit-image) It may ask you to install Cython or Numpy


If you explore avconv docs with $man avconv you can explore ways to further customize this script. i only needed it to make mp4 files, but you can make it do several other video and audio files types such as mov, wmv, mpeg2, etc etc.

have fun.

code here


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